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My Perfect Scarf

Sometimes a scarf is just to keep you warm when the weather is cold. But sometimes a scarf is a fun accessory to brighten up your outfit! Make her up, dress her up and pick out a perfect scarf!
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Modern Princess

She is a cute modern princes and she is going to travel. So take a look into her wardrobe and try to dress up her.
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January Cover Girl

She may already be a worldwide known top model. Today she will go for a photo shoot, please help her to get a perfect look.
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Famous Ballerina

A cute ballerina going to have a huge event this weekend and she need to practice every day for that big event. Be sure to find something nice for her.
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Date Finn Hudson

The Glee star is on the market for a new girlfriend and he wants to take you on a date! Pick out a nice outfit for him, cook him dinner, and take a small quiz.
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Winter Wonderland Wedding Makeover

Help me prepare for my winter wonderland wedding with a fabulous makeover from top to bottom. I need your fashion stylist advice as to which wedding gown I should wear as a bride to be.
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Vintage Glamour

She is excited to be a part of a vintage glamor photo shoot for a fashion magazine. Help style her in retro fashions and accessories for her modeling job today.
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Party Fashion Facial

This girl likes parties too much. She will attend a nice party tonight. Make her ready with some facial beauty treatments then dress up her with party fashion clothes.
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Angel Avatar

Create your personalized angel. You can play with the cheeks, face shapes, hair colors, hairstyles, eyebrows positions, eyes colors positions and shapes, earrings, backgrounds and so on!
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Cute Doll Make Up

A makeover style that may have been inspired by her favorite doll! The dresses, the hair pieces, the gloves and other accessories create a very nice outfit.
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